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EHR Meaningful Use Consulting

Simply implementing a new software system is not enough to qualify. Practice workflows must be adjusted and modified to account for these new mandated procedures.

In essence, the Federal Government is forcing practices to be more diligent in the collection, security and availability of medical data.

As providers, both you and your staff are extremely busy with patient care and you cannot spend your time on processes necessary to successfully register, attest and comply with MU.

Here our team of experts will guide you through the process and reduce the time cycle to get your incentive payment.

Our team of experts have worked with many providers throughout the country and have been able to successfully get them their HITECH Incentive Payment. 

PHS has a set of Meaningful Use consulting services that enables the EP to get their Incentive Payment and stay in compliance. These services are as follows:

A Meaningful Use Incentive Program Assessment

Here our consultants analyze which incentive plan best meets your practice’s profile and makes recommendation to allow you to make the right decision. We work with your staff to determine what impact each plan has on your practice’s providers and how to address the changes meaningful use will bring to your work environment.

Training and Support

We will train you on Meaningful use requirements, help you understand evidence-based treatment guidelines, meaningful use data capture and reporting, MU gap analysis, MU Registration and Attestation, EHR customization/optimization, clinical workflow redesigning, change management strategies, quality measures reporting, etc.

Incentive Plan Sign-Up Services

Our consultants will work with your team to sign up all EPs in your practice and ensuring that their Medicare/Medicaid IDs are properly accepted into the CMS database. We will also work with your team on the compensation and employment contractual changes that may occur from receiving these incentives.

Meaningful Use Gap Analysis

Our team of consultants will analyze your practice and determine what has to change (if anything) to meet the MU criteria. Here we create a gap analysis to allow you and your staff to determine the specific factors that must be address to be in compliance with Meaningful Use.

We assist you through the yearly reporting periods, monitor compliance and help you receive incentives and also help you avoid penalties.