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Insurance Authorziation and Verification

"Obtaining Insurance authorizations are among the most challenging tasks in the medical billing process. Affirming coverage and obtaining authorization from the insurance company can be exhausting and resource consuming. Also, the demand for prior authorization has grown steadily.

It is ideal for experts to handle this process. Prodigy Healthcare Solutions, is a medical billing outsourcing company with proven experience in insurance benefits verification and authorizations.

We coordinate with healthcare providers to minimize their costs and time required to verify coverage for procedures and medications. By submitting prior authorization requests that meet the payer’s criteria, we can reduce the expenses and hassles involved in this process ensuring clean and error-free claim submission.

We recommend all the focus on your patients while we take care of your bottom line. Our team of proficient authorization and verification experts process prior authorization requests for your patients efficiently and quickly.

We assure that all essentials are met, manage follow-ups, and send results instantly back to the provider. We coordinate with the concerned companies / agencies for appeals, any missing information, and other matters as needed.