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Medical Coding

PHS has a separate team of professional certified AAPC coders for coding and our value added services help our clients to enhance their receivables. We provide medical coding services with quality and our expertise makes huge difference in your organization.

Medical coding is the main factor which impacts your practice. Without expertise, you are going to increase your exposure to risk. With our outsourced medical coding, you can get fewer denials, improved revenue and cleaner claims.


PHS helps in decreasing the costs, increasing your cash flow, enhance coding accuracies, and also guarantee compliance with government regulations with decreased administrative burdens. From compliance to technology, we understand each and every operation.

Our medical coding experts speak the language of HIPPA compliance, insurance claim submission, payer contracting and denial resolution.

Our in-depth knowledge of revenue cycle management services and advanced workflow management will deliver predictable results. Our coders analyze, monitor and enhance your supporting documentation.

We also customize the medical coding levels in order to meet your specific needs. Our primary goal is improving your coding accuracy and decreasing claim denials. The coding processes will be audited by compliance experts in order to assure the highest accuracy. We offer professional coding to match the coders according to your specialty requirements.

PHS advises on how to adjust workflows when ICD-10 implementation is mandatory. We assure that our ICD-10 implementation will not slow down EMR usage. Our ICD-10 professionals include certified billers and coders and they handle all your physician billing and coding needs in the transition period. We help the healthcare organizations and physicians to optimize their skilled resources.